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Arctic Lights - King of America (single)

Arctic Lights is a new music project from Liam O’Callaghan (Bulkhead) and Edward Butt (Emperor of Ice Cream). In 2020, Emperor of Ice Cream who were signed to Sony Records, made a comeback last May to finally release their long-awaited album ‘No Sound Ever Dies’, which entered the official Irish album charts and also hit the No.1 spot in the indie charts, making it a staggering fourth No. 1 since their comeback. ‘No Sound Ever Dies’ while achieving chart success at home in Ireland, has been very well received internationally with tracks from the album gaining radio airplay in a massive 33 countries spanning the globe.

In the early 90s, Liam O’Callaghan was one on Ireland’s most sought after songwriters with over seven record companies looking to sign his band Bulkhead, which sounded like a mixture of Nine Inch Nails meets melodic pop. While a deal was offered by a major label it was turned down because of Bulkheads disillusionment with the music industry.  Liam decided to take a break from music until now, rekindling his partnership with Emperor’s bass player Edward Butt to work on their new project Arctic Lights. King of America is the debut single, taking from their debut EP Tabula Rasa (out now).

The single starts with what a sounds like a robot's voice. The track is drum and guitar based upbeat number where it's a bit hard to understand the lyrics yet what is undeniable is the danceability of the song. Lyrics are simple, there are some sharp guitar riffs. Even if the genre isn't your cup of tea you'll find your feet tapping along.

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