Music from the Heart

Aoibheann Carey - Philpott - Beginning of the End (single)

Former front woman of critically acclaimed noughties band Jodavino; popular Gospel choir director; vocalist with new Celtic collective, Emerald on Ivory, Cork woman Aoibheann Carey-Philpott has been kept busy these past three years since her last solo release. Widely recognised for her unique voice and magnetic stage presence, the singer-songwriter returns with some powerful new music, as part of a self-described “raison d’etre” EP entitled Fragments of Joy. It has been an exciting few months for Aoibheann Carey-Philpott. With two successful releases under her belt as 2020 drew to a close, there has been a sense of excitement about what 2021 would bring. Releasing her third single this February 26th 2021, Carey-Philpott brings us a song about forbidden love and the all-consuming power of desire, and the risks that brings. The song was inspired in part, by Tracy Chevalier’s novel ‘The Last Runaway’ and the electricity between two of the books central characters, Honor and Donovan.

This dreamy track takes us into another world. The world where anything is possible, the world of imagination. Carey-Philpott's warm vocal tells the story with heart and passion, it makes you relate to what she's singing about. We all know the situation of falling in love with someone we can't have, don't we? The lyrics are honest and direct and could also serve very well as a warning what happens if you take this tempting yet forbidden road. You may do so but at your own risk. You may gain something but you may also lose everything. The matters of the heart don't go hand in hand with the reason and cannot be explained, they need to be felt.

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