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Antoni O'Breskey & Band - The Wee Weaver (single)

Tuscan composer and pianist extraordinaire Antonio Breschi (known as Antoni O’Breskey as Dublin is now his home) shares a single and live video of “The Wee Weaver”, a song taken from his new album “Samara”. For many years and predating the times Antoni has been gathering together musicians from all over the world and from different traditions and cultures, creating an extraordinary variety of music and recording the thirty-five CDs which form the Nomadic Piano Collection.Samara is his latest LP in the collection, a collaboration with an extensive ensemble of musicians, including his daughter Consuelo Nerea Breschi (Varo), Máirtín O’Connor (De Dannan), Davide Viterbo (Distant City), Tony Byrne (Danu, Julie Fowlis), Paddy Cummins (Skipper’s Alley), Leonora Lyne, Ciara O’Connor, Sinead O’Connor, and many more.  The album comprises a journey between new compositions, such as Samara, Estonia, Kevin’s Polka and Xi’an Reel, two remixed versions of Antoni O’s past compositions: Nomadic Aura (2009) and Sue Morley’s Jig (1992), a live version of the historical piece, Dancing Leaves, a new version of Drunken Spider, a tune composed in 1992 that was never released to the public, and three traditional songs newly arranged: Derry So Fair, The Longford Weaver, and The Wee Weaver.

The piano intro to the song is dynamic and sets us in the mood for what's to come. Consuelo Nerea Breschi's vocal is ethereal, as if it came from another century. The song seems to be a love song but it's not really known it what the origins are. If the love the singer talks about is real or only in his dreams.  Antoni O'Breskey's masterful piano playing really shines here and the father/daughter collaboration takes us on a journey through time. We don't even need a time machine. Just ears. And a heart that feels.

" I am the wee weaver, confined to my loom
And my love she is fairer, than the red rose in bloom
She is loved by all the young men, and that does grieve me..."

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