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Andrew Patterson - Normal People (single)

The Belfast singer/songwriter has had an extremely busy year since the release of his second EP, “Out Of Babylon” in January 2019. From career defining gigs supporting Peter McVeigh at a sold out show in the Sunflower, an evening of support for Tony Villiers in Eastside Arts to the Forest Songwriter stage at Dalriada Festival- Andrew can be found honing his craft and shining the light of song in every performance, with passion and a love of storytelling. Like many artists, 2020 has been a difficult year for Andrew, and with a limited amount of resources and an abundance of time, he spent much of April and May reflecting and putting the beginnings to new songs and ideas that would speak into the current situation and worldview.

With the ever changing musical landscape, he was able to share these pieces across social media and an expanding audience, through his own “Garage Sessions” live streams as well as featured live sessions for Fluttertone Radio, AER Music and Tuar Pro. As a recipient of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Individuals Emergency Resilience Programme funding, Andrew has been thankful for the opportunity to bring these songs to life, in working in collaboration with local Northern Irish musicians and producers who have captured his vision for hopeful and heartfelt storytelling through songs.

The title of his new single, Normal people, reminds us of the Irish series of the same name. In fact, Patterson got inspired by Sally Rooney's book as well as the TV adaptation, by the characters and their desire to belong. Musically, this song presents something a little bit different than Patterson's previous offerings yet the change is welcome. Not only is a musician forced to adapt, experiment and try different things yet it feels almost necessary at times. It doesn't work for everyone but certainly does for Andrew Patterson. The song is upbeat, with a romantic theme in the lyrics. It brings a good feeling, hopeful vibes and much needed light at the end of the tunnel. Perfect song for a  summer festival.

"Marianne, I’d be lying if I told you that I’ve been sleeping at night
Stubborn fragility, painted on scars and the mark of youth
It wounds us but keeps us alive."

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