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Andrew Patterson - Hope Will Find Its Way (single)

Andrew Patterson has been releasing music and gigging regularly across Dublin and Belfast for the last five years. Known for anthemic yet intimate songs of love and hope, his 2019 EP “Out of Babylon” was met with critical acclaim. 2020 saw Andrew writing new songs and ideas that would speak into the current worldview, and sharing these pieces to a growing audience. As a recipient of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Individuals Emergency Resilience Programme funding, Andrew has been thankful for the opportunity to bring these songs to life.

Exploring a new sound yet retaining his passionately heartfelt craft for writing songs rooted in honest and authentic lyricism, Andrew Patterson’s new track ‘Hope Will Find Its Way’ finds his touching vocals colliding beautifully with his effortless instrumental and storytelling which brings the tales to life.

Known best for the way he writes, he takes influence from the songwriting of Glen Hansard, Bruce Springsteen, and Foy Vance. He writes anthemic yet intimate, indie folk songs deeply rooted in hope, faith and love. This brand new offering is full of encouragement and on the way to turning more heads in his direction from further afield.

With a big sound, the overall vibe of the track is quite different than what we're used to hear from Patterson although the trademark intimacy of the lyrics is still there. His accent comes across even more than before (resemblance to Duke Special is really striking here) yet benefits the authenticity of the expression.

"I’ve been diving underwater
Teaching myself how to swim
But those sharks they keep on circling and my air is running thin "

Artwork: Paper Treeees

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