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ANDI - Giving Up (single)

Amy Kelly cut her teeth fronting Dublin act ‘The Stoney Brokes and providing backing vocals for a number of acts in Ireland including ‘The Hot Sprockets’, ‘This Other Kingdom’ , ‘Brona Keogh , Haokah and Vernon Jane. ANDI is the new project from Amy in which she steps out into the spotlight. Amy is a performer and ANDI showcases not just her presence as a live act but also her skill as a songwriter.

ANDI started as an acoustic 2-piece and initially developed into a full band for a performance at Knockanstockan Music Festival in 2019. A stream of shows later that year led to the recording of ANDI’s debut single, Hermit.

‘Hermit’  took influence from Tame Impala, The Pixies, Jeff Buckley & Elliot Smith. It was featured in Nialler 9, Hotpress, The Last Mixtape, it was featured on a number of Spotify Playlists and received national radio airplay.

In February 2021 ANDI released Housewife which had already received reviews and features from the likes of Hotpress magazine, Imro Ireland and Golden plec as well as some national airplay and Spotify playlists. Housewife is a dramatic song about feeling trapped in an  everyday routine, societal expectations of women and the boredom of normal life. This is the first single from the upcoming Cedar Ward EP. Having been chosen as 'Whelan's ones to watch 'ANDI is definitely an artist you want to keep your eye on this year.

"Giving Up" (song and video concept ) was written at a time of self-doubt. Amy had doubts whether to pursue music and let her inner thoughts sabotage her music career. The story follows the protagonist (Amy) on the brink of ruination. She finds herself at a pinnacle moment in her life - she is on the border of a reality filled only with negative thoughts.

ANDI's high-pitched vocal contrasts with a dark mellow arrangement of the track. She goes from soulful singing to almost screaming in the chorus and then everything calms down again. The tracks ends on a hard and heavy note, quite abruptly, leaving the listener wondering where's the conclusion?

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