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An Early Bird - Under My Skin (single)

Self-taught multi-instrumentalist An Early Bird releases his new single „Under My Skin“, a fantastic Indie Folk anthem about the power of love. "Love grows underneath the skin just like a flower coming out from the ground. Love is so powerful that it creates a bond even between those who apparently living on different planets." - An Early Bird Growing up in Naples, South of Italy, Stefano De Stefano (this is the name behind the project) cut his teeth on the Italian music circuit with a local band before going solo: the debut album „Of Ghosts & Marvels“ was released in October 2018 followedby the EP „In Depths“ in September 2019. An Early Bird has been touring extensively across Europe sharing stages alongside artists like Joshua Radin, Jake Bugg, S. Carey, Stu Larsen, Grant-Lee Phillips and Dan Owen.

The album „Echoes Of Unspoken Words“ (2020), featuring a bunch of songs of which some have been included in editorial Spotify playlists, continues a path of exploring that has progressively moved the songwriter from the early folk sounds to a richer and multi-layered sonic dimension. With the pandemic making touring impossible, this album has had a short life, so the idea to record a new one has come suddenly but with urgency. It was the hour of birth of "Diviner", the artist's third album, which was produced by Stefano Bruno and will be released in summer 2021 via Greywood Records. On this album An Early Bird stops being afraid of showing his pop side when creating folk songs. „Under My Skin“ is the album’s third single and a captivating foretaste of a new musical universe.

Under My Skin has a melancholic melody based on the guitar and the piano, turning into anthem-like piece in the chorus. The distinctive vocal is honest, raw, tender. You have no issues believing him every word straight away.  From the mid song onwards the track turns into a full-band arrangement, the tempo is quicker and there is certain urgency in the vocal. Overall, this is a heartwarming number about the miracles love can do to a soul.

"I said a lie don’t look behind

This is the way that I sound like

Please bear with me just for tonight

Forget that fight I feel you inside

Maybe you’re blind don’t see the sign"

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