Music from the Heart

Alice Lynskey - Souls (single)

Alice Lynskey is a singer/songwriter from Dublin, now based in Wexford. Her music can be described as pop with hints of country and rock. A strong melody is always central to the song. She has previously written a top ten track for The Stunning and has 3 singles to date. She played support to likes of The Stunning, The 4 Of Us, Declan O'Rourke, Paddy Casey or Elly D to mention a few. Alice is clasically trained and has sung on many stages including The 3Arena, RTE Tv, The Olympia, Whelan's and Enniscorthy castle. She recently performed at The Acoustic Yard festival in Westport.

Her new single Souls has the strongest rock feel of everything she's put out to date. And it suits her. Suits her to the point you get the impression it's part of her skin. Strong guitar riffs and upbeat rhytm give Lynskey the chance not only showcase her impressive soulful vocal in its full range but also to project all the emotions into the song.

The song itself paints a vivid image of a big summer festival and you can't help but see Alice Lynskey right there. You never what's around the corner but one thing is for sure  - not long to go now till we see this talented artist on the biggest stages.

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