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Áine Duffy - I'll Wear White (single)

Áine Duffy (born in Bandon, Co. Cork) is an Irish singer, songwriter, guitar player and performer with a well-established reputation as one of Cork’s finest vocalists. She sings in her own very unique style combining guitar riffs and energetic performances on stage and her lyrics have an honest and unique point of view. Her instruments of choice are two custom anniversary edition Patrick Eggle electric guitars.

Áine Duffy has a large vocal range and stays very true to her accent. As an accomplished guitar player she has toured the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. She has performed on many stages and festivals: The Electric Picnic, the Body and Soul festival, Charlesfort Kinsale with Imelda May and with Jack Lukeman in many different places like the Cork Opera House, Whelans, the Theatre Royal Waterford, the Riverbank Arts Theatre, Midleton arts festival with the Frank and Walters, The Irish animation awards. She shared a stage with Kila, Mick Flannery, Swabich hall, kuntalle wurth , Stuttgart , Germany for the Tomi Ungerer life exhibition eclipse opening.

Duffy's impressive vocal range is obvious as soon as her latest single I'll Wear White starts. An upbeat track with notable bluesy influence and an interesting instrumentation won't let you sit still. The melody is catchy, infectiously familiar. A few simple lines, repeated over and over, get into your head like a mantra and the music hypnotizes you. Maybe it's the lyrical simplicity though that disturbs the otherwise good intention. Duffy shows her potential as a singer yet doesn't quite fulfill it as a writer. Is she hiding something, saving it for later?

"You’ve got enough to pay, enough to say that keeps me interested without your wage

And the world today has strange old ways, hard to trust what people say"

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