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Afterbliss - Shout It Out (single)

Formed in 2019, Afterbliss' blend of melodic rock, hard riffs and indie synth pop have firmly cemented them as one of Dublin's most interesting and exciting acts to emerge in recent years. The origins of the band can be traced back to 2018 when guitarist/synth player Alex Burcea and drummer Ally Pender, who had played together in a previous band,  realised they had a strong creative spark. They pair up together a handful of early songs and co-founded the group. The current line-up was completed with the addition of lead vocalist Evan Cassidy, guitarist James O'Gorman and bassist Shane Waldron who helped shape the band's sound.

The band recorded their first songs in the legendary Windmill Lane Studios in September 2020.  They released their debut single "Until Sunrise"  in November 2020 to an acclaim from local radio and local media aline. A few more singles followed before the debut EP "Unknown Machine" came out in October 2021. The release was supported by sold out show upstairs in Whelan's.

Current single Shout It Out offers a darker tone in contrast to the EP. Featuring synth driven verses, the song poetically weaves its way to an explosive chorus while playing off a loud dynamix throughout. The band headlined The Sound House in Dublin to support the release.

The intro itself hints a darkness. What has been a consistent element throughout Afterbliss' career is the fact you can understand every word the lead singer sings which is not something typical for the genre. However, it allows the band to get the music to the wider audience who otherwise wouldn't be very inclined. The track is loud, energetic, hard and heavy, intense all around containing some catchy riffs and mouth- watering guitar solos.

"does the shadow on your back walk like you

shout it out"

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