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ADT - Love lost on the streets of New York (single)

Following his critically acclaimed debut single, ADT (Alan Daniel Tobin) drops the second single Love lost on the streets of New York from his forthcoming debut album (out September 2020). ADT writes stories of the heart wrapped in atmospheric soundscapes. He is also a member of Irish band LOWmountain. His debut solo album  - Volume I  - is produced by multi-instrumentalist, Justin Grounds. It was recorded in a little room overlooking the beautiful town of Clonakilty, West Cork, and is due for release at the Clonakilty International Guitar festival in September. Hugely influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, the West Cork landscape and his family, he has a minor obsession with lighthouses.

The vocals on this track are delicate, evocative, the delivery gives a sense of retrospective, wanting to change the past. The simple arrangement paints an  atmospheric picture that touches the soul. Plays with the imagination. And the emotions. The strings with the piano at the end are so evocative that it will without doubt bring a tear into the eye of those fragile souls among the listeners. Those familiar with our work know that we deliberately don't use comparisons in the reviews, unless it's inescapable. And the more we listen to ADT's work, the clearer it gets that this is the exception. We cannot help but hear a strong resemblance to Interference in the soundscapes ADT creates. Perhaps it's the magic of West Cork.

"oh Mercy, how did fall out of love

when we thought it was absolute love"

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