Music from the Heart

A Londonder with an Irish heart (J Eoin)

Despite a typical autumn weather and knowing the name of the venue evokes this time of the year too ( English version of the name would be chestnut), I knew this gig is going to be great, no matter how many people arrive. The venue isn't situated in the city centre, it's quite small but with a friendly atmosphere appreciated by the musicians as well.

At the very moment the musicians took the stage, you could hear a pin dropped on the floor. Eoin's lyrics are very powerful, make you think about their meaning. When you look into his eyes while he sings, you see all emotions and the experience he puts into his songs. The Irishman based in London is usually accompanied by musicians from the band Bran when he's on tour in Czech republic . They get along very well also off stage and their friendship can be seen in the music too.

J Eoin played mostly songs from his new album Acrobat but also the older ones from the album Exiles. There were a few surprises, including four brand-new pieces ready for the new album. The recording is planned for next year but we'll have to wait for more details. A very moving moment came where Eoin played a request, an unreleased song called Corners in the rain, written in reaction to terrorist attacks in Norway in 2011. Everyone who pays attention to lyrics, gets chills listening to this one. Emotional and beautiful.

The whole gig showed that when you have a talent, you don't need special effects or costumes. All you need are three instruments, unmistakable voice and lyrics where you think he sings about you. He gets under your skin and remains there forever.

J Eoin (IRL)
29.11.2014 Kaštan, Praha

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