Music from the Heart

A fond London farewell for charismatic Irishman

Gifted singer/songwriter J Eoin surely knows how to treat his audience and how to engage them in his songs. He spent nearly thirty years living in London before moving back to his native Ireland. To mark the occasion a farewell London gig took place at Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith on November 3rd and the night promised truly magical experience.

Lorraine Jordan opened the evening and her moving lyrics provided just the right atmosphere. Then it was time for J to take the stage. The entire evening showed that he is not only a Master guitarist with a captivating voice but his friendly personality just adds to the whole package. You could see all the emotions in his mostly smiling eyes.  He had been working with Irish Cultural Centre for over 20 years, being their resident musician, leading a singing group there as well. Throughout the night he looked back on his time in London, shared stories with the audience. The atmosphere was warm and it felt like a gathering of an extended family.

Jacquelyn Hynes joined J on stage as a special guest, played the flute and sang backing vocals. You could instantly see how well these two get on not only on stage but also off it. They played a few traditional tunes together before J invited Gerry Diver on violin to join them. Gerry's style is unique but there is no doubt he knows his instrument. One of the highlights of this block was I'm no angel, a touching ballad that warms your heart when you hear it. To end the whole evening J invited the ICC singing group on stage and encouraged the audience to join in too. This was one of those nights when you're having a great time surrounded by those you love. Certainly an emotional night for all involved but there was love, hope, happiness and everyone in the room wished J only the best in the future.

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