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A dream come true for Rune Herholdt

They say dreams come true when you have faith in your goals and you are willing to work hard to make your dreams come true. Danish singer Rune Herholdt has been dreaming of coming to the Czech Republic and playing there together with The Gospel Brothers for a long time. He himself has been to Czech Republic and particularly to Brno, 4 times before but never with his fellow musicians. Now the time has finally come and his dream has been realized.

He came together with Jimmi Bech on drums, Stephen Nørrelykke on keyboards and Bjørn Petersen on bass. The gospel community in Brno is strong and tight and everyone was happy to see the Danish back. Charismatic Rune has the astounding ability to engage people in the music, to engage the audience in the concert itself so you feel part of the whole event, being not only someone who came to sing along but an essential part of the performance. Gospel music gives you the energy and joy anyway but this is something else. It all started in the streets of Brno with a few songs sung right there, to attract people's attention and to invite them to the evening concert in a club. The weather forecast wasn't looking too good whole day but miraculously as the singing started, the rain stopped. Some might say it was God's will. The rain came again when everyone moved to the nearby club, getting ready for an evening performance. The singing on the streets promised a unique experience which guaranteed every time Rune comes to town. This was just the beginning.

The evening continued later on in the music club which got packed, the atmosphere was so warm and friendly, you almost felt like in a bigger living room. Rune had a complete control not only over the stage but also over the audience who listened intently to everything he said, sang along without even having been forced to do so. The charisma of this man is so natural and makes you think if he decided to become a priest instead of a singer, he would have instantly gained a huge congregation. There were various gospel songs sung during the evening, most of which came from The Gospel Brothers' album People Get Ready but there were others, including one of the highlights of the night, a song called Why can´t I let go that Rune wrote himself and the audience had an opportunity of seeing him play the guitar as well. The powerful lyrics of the song touch you deeply. The whole night was filled with emotions of all kinds, laughter, tears, joy. Everything ended with "I won´t go back"  which many in the audience know from the weekend workshop with Rune held last November which ended with a big concert. An emotionally charged evening to remember. And everyone is looking forward to welcoming Rune and his musicians back soon again.

Photo: Glena Rauerová

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