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A Choir of Ghosts - Do You Remember? (single)

We must first make our way into the wilderness through the deep, dense Scandinavian forest before we come across A Choir of Ghosts. There you can find him singing his energetic, modern and longing folk songs.A Choir of Ghosts' musical foundation is: A solid ground consisting of a reminiscence of Kurt Cobain, covered with the water, the sun and the air of bands like The Tallest Man On Earth and the Hollow Coves, which give you a feeling of various shades of nostalgia. A Choir of Ghosts has had a few singles since 2016 - "Morning Light" currently has over 1.4 million streams on Spotify, and the trend is rising - and released an EP that received international media coverage and carried him across the borders of the Swedish wilderness, among others on extensive tours through Central Europe. With the release of his widely acclaimed debut album “An Ounce of Gold” in April 2020, the Swede by choice was once again able to secure euphoric international press praise.

With his latest release "Do You Remember", it seems A Choir of Ghosts goes back to basics, to a simple arrangement that lets the words come through and connect with the listener. The song is laced with country elements and the singer's distinctive vocal gives it the unmistakable warm and personal feel. This is what the artist had to say about the song "The song is basically about my weird fear of getting old or dying before I've felt like I've lived my life. It's also a little story of what me and my wife have been through over the past 8 years."

"I’ve been here, down this road so many times

waiting for you to say goodbye

Oh I know, the words trying to fall off your tongue

like how rain fell when we were young

Oh it's strange, how much we've changed and grown

to these people that I don't know"

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