Music from the Heart

A Blue Flame - The Secret Breeze

British (Leister-based) singer/songwriter Richard Stone - going by the artist name A Blue Flame - tells compelling stories about life, love, heartache and loss through poetic, thoughtful lyrics and sublime melodies. His music reflects an eclectic range of influences from doo-wop and old-school pop to easy listening ballads, folk, jazz and rock, delivered with sophisticated and utterly pleasing instrumentals and his smooth, clear vocals. He writes all the songs, sings, plays the guitar and arranges them all. The Secret Breeze is his third album.

The opener and the first single from the album, With Love From a Friend, sets the tone for the album as it's usually the case, The lyrics are raw and A Blue Flame is wearing the heart on his sleeve yet you get certain unsettling sense when you hear the opening line "I'm writing a letter that I'll never send" as if he had the urge of telling things he didn't have time to. The song has a nostalgic feel and the instrumentation compliments the vocals, the balance is just right.

It's Raining All Over The World strikes a chord stronger than ever these days when we're not only facing the pandemic but the days are short and gloomy and we often struggle to maintain the positive mindset. "What have we done my friends,? it looks like the end"   captures the state we find ourselves in more often these days. Sadness, desperation yet fighting hard to see the light and the better days.

I Met An Angel Today changes the dynamic, the melody is a little bit funky, upbeat and the lyrics are optimistic,  rather simple, easy to follow, cherishing the good things in life. The flute really stands out and adds another layer to already well-crafted track.

There are sentimental songs th about regret (The Moon Obscured the Sun),  romance (Forever Falling), memories of the past (Ladywell Fields), the life itself (Little Thing). A Blue Flame shows he is a skilled writer capable of writing engaging songs and magical soundscapes.

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