Music from the Heart

The story of the music video for her new single What it's Like (watch below)  relates to those in their search for love. It covers the hope to one day experience meeting the one and expresses the process of the search for romance when it feels like everyone else has it. Lovers can listen in remembrance of the times before meeting each other and as a thankful reminder of what it's like to be loved. The composition gracefully comes together with sounds of glistening guitar, a touch of sweet piano overlaid with smooth vocals accompanied by melodic harmonies. Joining these sweet sounds is a forest fairytale and love story setting visuals that is sure to make watchers go "awe."
Released in February, the month of love, Moran's new single is a mellow ballad and you can instantly understand why she released it last month. It's sweet, romantic, her rich vocal tone only adds to the overall vibe. The arrangement carries a romance inside, the melody is downbeat and slightly nostalgic, all for the sake of the theme. Moran lets her range shine in its entire scale towards the end of the song. She can not only sing but she puts the feelings into the interpretation so you get the complete package.

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