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Micko Roche - Sióg (EP)

Micko Roche is emerging as one of Ireland's most unique artists and producers on the scene today already supported by Jose Padilla, Chris, Coco, Pete Gooding, Blank & Jones. Hailing from Waterford, his unique blend of chilled out grooves and live instruments come together beautifully to create a soul soothing Balearic experience. Micko's background lies in live performance, touring most of his life throughout Ireland, the UK, Central Europe and Scandinavia with Irish traditional cross over group "The Butterfly Band" and earlier on in the psychedelic Rock band The Madrigal. Micko found his passion for studio production and sound engineering, and pursuing his love for writing and production released several successful projects under his solo artist project, gaining attention from media as well the international Balearic music community. His new  EP Sióg  is a collection of five tracks, which includes  four reworks or indeed interpretations of the EP’s title track.

The concept comes from a piece of music entitled The Dance of the Fairy which Micko composed for a contemporary dance adaptation of a children’s book. Each piece on the EP represents a life stage of the mythical creature.

The opening track Sióg (Tús) is a stripped back ambient piano version of the original piece of music and is the Dawning of a new life.Slow, atmospheric piece makes the listener remember the dearly departed, the philosophers among would question the meaning of life as such, the purpose of humans on this planet and the aftermath of us leaving it.

On track two, Kaya Keating provides violin on Sióg (Saol) which  represents Life, the freedom of living. The violin adds the unmistakable Celtic feel to the composition. It's supposed to be joyful but there's sadness beneath the surface. All these emotions are part of being alive.

Track three Sióg (Contráth), reworked by Jessie Roche, is the twilight of life, the Dusk. A minimal electronic remix, it is the pivot of the EP with uplifting and soothing vibes, also featuring beautiful vocals from Jessie. An ideal sound healing melody. Soothes the soul, takes all the troubles away, makes the time non-existent, at least for the four minutes of its length.

Track four Sióg (Fáigáil) is the Departure. John Haggis (Speckled Doves, Band Of Clouds, Emperor of Ice Cream) writes and performs a melancholic ambient Indie anthem, ‘The Last Goodbye’.  The spoken word at the start gives this composition an additional depth. Its mystical haunting aura only intensifies the impact.

For the bonus track Sióg (Fágáil) The Last Goodbye ( Alternative,extended version),  the longest froom this collection (over 7 and half minutes),John Haggis has added soaring guitars and an extra chorus which plays out beautifully as a final piece. This highly ambient piece will connect with the soul, recharge the batteries, make you appreciate life and all you have.

Other than the features, Micko Roche plays every instrument on the EP. It was recorded in his home studio, where he also took care of the production, mixing and mastering. The EP will be released on My.Co Records.

Artwork: Cristina Zein Vera

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