Music from the Heart

 We all grieve differently and on this album we can feel all that comes with having to deal with a lost of a loved one. The lyrics are sharp and honest.

This can be particularly felt in 32, a haunting track with powerful words that need no explanation - "dead at 32, what all the rest of us is going/supposed to will always be my older brother..."

Chinese Burns continues with the sense of can almost see the candle being lit in someone's memory when you hear the song...

Slip Away summs up the theme of the album. A lullaby written on the bedside of a loved one who's about to depart to the other side..."don't give up the fight just yet, you§re with me I'm not alone....I will live your life for you, you're with me I'm not alone.."

Liam Oragh also shows his funny side in Hey Nelson, a track about wanting to inherit Nelson Mandela's shirt collection. A catchy tune that lifts up the overall mood of the album a bit.

This album won Hotpress Pick-of-Fortnight. Deeply personal collection of songs that deserves to be heard and makes you stop for a while and appreciate what you have. Life's too short so don't hesitate in pursuing your goals, you never know when it's gonna be your last chance.

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