Music from the Heart

FIFA Records are delighted to announce that ‘Klubber Lang’ will be the latest addition to the FIFA Records roster. Since its founding in 2005, Cork label ‘Forever In Financial Arrears’ or FIFA Records as it is more commonly known have continuously worked with exciting new Irish talent (Fight Like Apes, One Morning in August, The Vincent(s), Hope is Noise, Dae Kim, Lorraine Nash) as well as releasing material from established names on the Irish indie scene such as The Frank & Walters, Emperor of Ice Cream, August Wells, Power of Dreams and Whipping Boy.

In what is already a busy 2021 for the label which will see further releases from many of its roster and in continuing its policy of unearthing gems and working with some of the best in Irish talent FIFA Records are delighted to announce that Dublin band, Klubber lang will be joining the FIFA roster. With label founder Ashley Keating stating, “We think Klubber Lang will be an excellent addition to the label and are really looking forward to this partnership”. “The guys have been on our radar for a while, the energy, attitude and melodies in their music really excites us, we’re delighted to have them on board” added Eddie Kiely who co-runs the label with Keating.

The hard and heavy, quite a hellish arrangement of their new single Sleep well contrasts as much as it is possible with the title of the track. You can feel the fire on your skin as you listen. Fire is certainly burning in the souls of these musicians and they are trying to get it out the best way they can.

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