Music from the Heart

The title track, Ivory towers, played with the full band, is an upbeat track that makes you spin round and round as you listen but O'Rourke's vocal demands your attention at the same time so you don't miss a thing.

Moody Broody has a slower tempo, more romantic. Perhaps of lost love or love that wants to be re-lived. The vocal in this case has a truly soulful tone, in certain parts you feel like being transported a few decades back to a time of old jazz singers  and Jack ORourke is there among them. An owner of a unique voice who surely knows how to use it.

In Showwomanship, Jack O'Rourke is showing he feels comfortable in the shoes with hints of pop music too. You can clearly tell he likes to experiment with different styles but nothing suggests he shouldn't be doing this. A versatile talent that keeps blossoming.

Myth, an atmospheric ballad, starts gently with the piano and strings, before the full band comes in and creates much bigger sound which slows down for the next verse again, everything feels natural, effortless. The music creates nearly post-apocalyptic image in the listener's head and Jack O'Rourke seems to be the one to come to our rescue.

"Don't be listening to the angel on your left side,

he's holier than thou

Don't be tempted by the demons on the right

they're gonna reap when they sow..."

Snow globe, a collaboration and duet with Marlene Enright, experiments with a slightly different style again. In stark contrast to the previous track, this one is positive and hopeful for the future.

This collection ends with beautiful piano version of the title track Ivory towers. Haunting, intimate, gentle, atmospheric. Some might say romantic. A perfect example of what Jack is capable of - touch your soul with his words.

Overall, Ivory towers showcases how Jack O'Rourke has matured since his debut release. His lyrics remain honest and powerful. In the sleeve of this album we read, among other things, a dedication to some musical inspirations of O'Rourke's who, according to the artist himself, made an impression on the record - the likes of Cohen, Bowie, Annie Lennox, The National or Fergus O'Farrell to name a few. Listening to these songs we can't help but find certain resemblance to the late O'Farrell in the way Jack O'Rourke writes and delivers his work of art.  A real treat for anyone who loves soulful music.



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